Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Furry Crab Fly Tying Instruction

Furry Crab Fly

Hook - Gamakatsu 
Shell - Furry foam
Eye - Bead eye
Pincers - Knob hackle left / right
Leg - Knob biot leg
Base - Roll lead plate
Fin - CDC

Step by step tying instruction

Cut the Furry foam to the shape and tie down to the hook

Tie in 8 nos of knob biot legs

Tie in the bead eye

Tie in the CDC as the fin

Tie in the pincer

Fold over the furry foam and tie down to the hook

Glue in the lead base and colour it with marker

Furry Crab fly is ready fish


  1. Cikgu, your tying is always out of this world. Great stuff...!

  2. where can one find that rolled lead at?

    1. Just need to roll your own buddy... very easy

  3. I believe Orvis has spooled lead ....I know I bought it some years ago from them FYI